About Sarah
As a teacher in the National School District for sixteen years I have been an active part in the academic achievement of our students. Not only am I comfortable with the ethnically and culturally diverse population of National City, as a life-long resident, I am part of it as well. I understand the language, culture, and economic barriers many of our students will face as they go out into the world. That is why I believe that all children deserve equal access to quality education. National School District is committed to furnishing all students with the best trained teachers, technology, and research-based educational and instructional strategies. With that arsenal on their side, as well as National’s commitment to English Language Acquisition, our students have been making steady gains in closing the achievement gap. It is evident through my dedication in the classroom, leadership roles, teacher training and mentoring, and commitment to professional growth that I believe in and take pride in the academic success of our students. People ask me why I am so busy and do what I do; I do it to make me a better teacher, so that I can better serve my students, my community, and the district I work with.