About James
Jamie is a National Board Certified Teacher that teaches in the White Center neighborhood (Seattle, WA) at Mount View Elementary. Jamie has been teaching for 7 years. Mount View is an urban school with 90+ of the students receiving Free and Reduced Lunch. There are over 70 identified home languages.He teaches 5th grade. Jamie has been working with TAF for the past 8 years and is also a member of ISTE. He has been recognized nationally and international for the work he does in the classroom. He will be presenting his work in Barcelona as part of the Expert Educators Program with Parnters In Learning with Microsoft. He recently represented the USA at the2013 Microsoft Partner’s In Learning Global Forum that was held in Prague, Czech Republic. Jamie is also featured in the video alongside Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg , and other industry leaders. Stem + Common Core + 21st Century Skills = 21st century education! Jamie has been recognized as the Innovator of the Year for the 2013 Nationals Academy of Arts and Science in Education Bammy Award. Oh, and Jamie is a little crazy…just ask his students!