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4th grade ELA
(24 Units, 153 Lessons)
Unit 11 - Honoring Our Veterans: H is for Honor(4 Lessons)
Unit 1 - Introducing the Interactive Student Notebook(2 Lessons)
Unit 2 - Good Reader Tricks Revealed(5 Lessons)
Unit 3 - Firestorm!(6 Lessons)
Unit 4 - Climbing the Mountain: A Path to Understanding Nonfiction(11 Lessons)
Unit 5 - Putting Together the Pieces - The Puzzle of Cause and Effect Relationships(9 Lessons)
Unit 6 - September 11th - We Can't Forget - They Don't Remember(9 Lessons)
Unit 7 - Mammoth Bones and Broken Stones: The Mystery of North America's First People(3 Lessons)
Unit 8 - Beyond the Venn Diagram: Learning to Write A Compare and Contrast Paragraph(6 Lessons)
Unit 9 - Beyond the Venn Diagram: Learning to Write a Compare and Contrast Paragraph(3 Lessons)
Unit 10 - What It's All About: Exploring Main Idea and Supporting Details(6 Lessons)
Unit 11 - Honoring Our Veterans: H is for Honor(4 Lessons)
Unit 12 - Ask Ellen!! Writing a Persuasive Letter(3 Lessons)
Unit 13 - Let It Snow!! Analyzing Snowflake Bentley(13 Lessons)
Unit 14 - Bringing Out the Leader in You(5 Lessons)
Unit 15 - The Story of Ruby Bridges(10 Lessons)
Unit 16 - Celebrating Seuss!!(4 Lessons)
Unit 17 - The Science of Reading: Paired Reading Selections(6 Lessons)
Unit 18 - Read It and Rate It: A Real Life Look at Persuasive Writing(6 Lessons)
Unit 19 - Pondering Poetry(6 Lessons)
Unit 20 - What Do You Want to Know???? Writing an Informational Report(9 Lessons)
Unit 21 - Writing Personal Narratives With Patricia Polacco(4 Lessons)
Unit 22 - Living Mr. Lincoln's Way: Creating Public Service Announcements(6 Lessons)
Unit 23 - Fantastic Fiction: Exploring the Elements of Fiction(16 Lessons)
Unit 24 - Fluency Practice and Data Tracking(1 Lessons)