About Stephanie
I have 5 years experience teaching math in Boston Public Schools, and now have been working at Saratoga Springs High School in upstate New York for the past 2 years. I've taught a lot of different math classes, from pre-algebra to Calculus, with a lot of interesting and unique students. My student teaching through Harvard Education School's Teacher Education program was at Eastern High School teaching math to ESL students. Once I started working in Boston Public Schools, I continued to work with mainstream and ESL students, and also special education students. To become the best teacher, that I could, for all my students, I studied at Northeastern University to earn a license in special education. Currently, I teach pre-algebra and geometry and work hard to incorporate new and engaging technology into my classroom. Outside of teaching, I am finishing work on my doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on STEM and integration of technology into education. When I'm not grading or writing papers, I enjoy cooking, searching for fun math videos and running. Please contact me for more information about technology development in curriculum and to connect and share materials for math lessons.