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About Jason
I taught Algebra I at Salem High School during the two school years that I developed lessons for the Master Teacher Project here at BetterLesson. I am currently the Principal of Danvers High School. I previously was a Middle School Assistant Principal and STEM Coordinator for Salem Public Schools. With over ten years of experience as a Mathematics teacher, I believe that curriculum, instruction and assessment should be designed in ways to meet the needs of the diverse set of learners that walk into our classrooms on a daily basis. I created a BetterLesson profile because I strongly believe that all students should have high-quality teachers with access to world-class curricular and instructional materials and that I can do my part by sharing some of my own work with fellow teachers. I have taught math classes including Algebra I and II, College Prep, Geometry, and Calculus. I also have taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Boston College the last several years. In terms of content mastery, I majored in mathematics at Bowdoin College. I understand it is one thing to be able to solve a math problem, but that it is a completely different task to know a math concept well enough to teach it. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is one theoretical framework for designing curriculum that fits well with my professional philosophy. The skill of integrating research from neuroscience and cognitive psychology to inform educational decision making is something that I learned while completing a Master’s program in Mind, Brain and Education at Harvard. I cherish the family time I have with my beautiful family.