About Freddy
I am a proud Elementary Education graduate (2007) from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces and a graduate of the USC Rossier School of Education MAT program (2010). I have spent the last five years inspiring and motivating second and third grade students at Aspire Titan Academy in Huntington Park, CA. I love working with this majority-Hispanic population of students who are English Language Learners and who, more often than not, have all the odds stacked against them. At Titan, our blended model is a rotational model which provides students 90 to 120 minutes of individual computer time daily. During rotations, students use either our math, reading, or typing software programs. I chose to implement blended learning because I’ve taught student populations of higher socioeconomic status backgrounds and see the advantages these students have over their lower socioeconomic status peers. These advantages and disadvantages have created the achievement gap. I believe that interactions that students experience at home, in their community, and at school create the conditions for academic success or failure and I am committed to making sure that my students succeed.