About Carla
I graduated from the University of Miami in 1998, with a degree in Economics. After graduation,I joined Teach For America in Los Angeles. While in California, I taught middle and high school math for three years, spanning grades 6 - 11. The students in my first class are now older than some of my colleagues, which does hurt just a little. I went to graduate school at Indiana University, and got another degree in Economics. I then spent the next five years working as the Director of Recruitment for Achievement First in my home state of Connecticut. I returned to the classroom in August 2008 as a 5th grade math teacher at Amistad Academy, one of the schools for which I had been hiring teachers and school leaders. I love our school, and the middle school age in general. My son is currently a student at Amistad, so I am surrounded by Amistad pre-teens all the time! The 2012-13 school year has been good to me - I've attained both National Board Certification and Achievement First Distinguished Teacher status. I have no immediate plans to earn a third degree in Economics.