Emily Iannotta
About Me
About Emily
My teaching career began over 20 years ago while working as a counselor at a YMCA summer camp. I was only in high school when I decided that this would be my life’s work. Since then, I have traveled the globe working with teachers and students and learning how to become a better teacher myself. After graduating from Kean University in 2005, and spending a few years in New Jersey Public Schools, I jumped at an opportunity to teach English in Japan and quickly found myself halfway around the world, and back in Kindergarten. What surprised me most about that experience was realizing how difficult learning the English language truly is! Two years later, I returned to the U.S. and worked for several years with a private mortgage banker, which would become the basis for my love of data analysis. I returned to teaching in 2015 as a middle school English Language Arts teacher, infusing my diverse teaching and learning experiences into my classroom. Working with Newsela has helped me learn new strategies for incorporating non-fiction texts into my classroom in engaging, interactive ways. I hope to share my student-centered literacy strategies to other teachers around the world.