Christine Scoppa
About Me
About Christine
I began my career as an eighth grade social studies teacher. I loved teaching social studies but noticed that I was particularly passionate about helping students who were struggling with their reading comprehension and writing abilities, so I decided to get a Master's degree in Literacy (k-12). Soon after I completed this degree, I began working as a literacy specialist supporting both middle and high school students. Fourteen years ago, I accepted a job at Johanna Perrin Middle School in Fairport, NY and continue to call it my second home. I provide pull-out literacy intervention in small groups, co-teach in various classrooms, and work with my colleagues to gather materials and design lessons to meet students' diverse needs. When I discovered Newsela, I was instantly hooked. Gone were the days of tirelessly searching for differentiated content materials and endlessly copying and coding materials to ensure the level of the text met the needs of each learner. While using Newsela, I saw firsthand how the click of a button could instantly allow all students to be engaged and access differentiated curriculum. I was eager to share Newsela with other teachers and began teaching professional development classes. The Newsela Master Teacher Project is a continuation of this work. I am thrilled to take all that I have learned from working with different content, grade levels, and an array of amazing educators and combine this with the features of Newsela to design student-centered strategies. All students can grow and succeed across the content areas when they are provided with appropriately leveled text and research-based strategies.