Student-centered literacy instruction is a skills-rich and text-robust approach to teaching literacy that emphasizes student choice and ownership of their reading, writing, speaking, and listening at all grade levels and subject areas. We, at BetterLesson, feel strongly that student-centered learning across the curriculum fosters capable, competent, and engaged students. To that end, we have developed a new Learning Domain that focuses specifically on the strategies teachers can use to align their instruction to a student-centered literacy approach. We have also partnered with Newsela during the Newsela Master Teacher Project to support Master Teachers to develop literacy strategies that specifically use Newsela tools.

The Newsela Master Teacher project shares the practices of nine Newsela-certified educators and showcases how they leverage Newsela tools to personalize literacy instruction for their students. Each teacher brings you into their classroom, sharing videos and artifacts that bring the student-centered literacy strategies to life.

Over the next few weeks we’ll publish blog posts written by BetterLesson and Newsela Master Teachers about how they approach challenges in literacy, ranging from infusing student-centered literacy practices into an established curriculum to supporting EL students using student-centered literacy practices, to how administrators and instructional coaches can support teachers to give students choice in the writing process.

To explore resources that can support your shift to student-centered literacy, check out the Newsela Master Teacher Strategy page.