Alex Grodd

Co-Founder of BetterLesson

“65% of 6th Graders will have a job that doesn’t yet exist.”

If you’re interested in education technology, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this statistic on any number of slide decks (including our own) at conferences across the country.  If it’s your first time encountering it, take a second and let it sink in.  Whatever the exact percentage, there’s no question that we are experiencing a rate of social and economic change unlike any that has come before us.

As an education company, the key question is: How do we prepare learners to thrive in these new conditions?  More specifically: How do we structure our classrooms to prepare students for jobs that we can’t yet fully imagine?

It’s clear to us that we need to prepare students to solve an evolving set of novel challenges. We need learners who are creative problem solvers– students who can quickly iterate, adapt and figure things out.

Most importantly, we as educators need to create the sorts of learning experiences that build and empower these learners. We need to create learning experiences that allow students to drive their own learning, that foster sense of agency and independence.

Today marks an important milestone at BetterLesson — we are launching a new website and brand that is focused on helping teachers create these learner-centered models.  The new brand launch aims to achieve four key objectives:

  • To clearly articulate  the value of BetterLesson Coaching and its unique ability to shift the practice of teaching toward  learner-centered instruction
  • To assert BetterLesson’s pedagogical point of view on the five key elements of learner-centered pedagogy – the foundation of BetterLesson Coaching
  • To illustrate the benefits of the BetterLesson formula to our district partners
  • To create a clean, unifying visual design that captures our human-centric approach to professional learning

We are fired up about this next phase of BetterLesson and are excited to engage with you all in a dialogue around preparing students for the highly interesting world that awaits us all.