Teacher leading a classroom discussion on Native American Heritage Month, implementing lesson plans to celebrate and educate students about Native American culture and history

BetterLesson November 6, 2023

Honor Native American Heritage Month With These Fun and Educational Lesson Plans


This month and every November, we must be intentional about honoring, celebrating, reflecting on, and deepening our understanding of all Native American, Native, American Indian, Indian, Indigenous and First Nation Peoples.

Their rich histories, cultures, traditions, ancestors, and ways of being are deeply embedded in our earth’s land – land that has been loved, nurtured, strengthened, and fought for with honor and conviction. To help you make the most of this heritage month, we’ve curated a list of fun and educational lesson plans created by BetterLesson Master Teachers that will engage students of all ages.

Native American Tribes- Recycling: Cause and Effect
Grade Level: Elementary
Big Idea: Learn about Native Americans and recycling while working with cause and effect

Gathering Around the Fire: An Introduction to Native American Folktales
Grade Level:
Big Idea: Lesson related to generational literature, Native Americans, folktales, and recounting.

Introduction to Native American Literature
Grade Level: Middle & High School
Big Idea: To understand the literature of a people, it is essential to learn of the issues that have impacted them.

Native American Research Project
Grade Level: Upper Elementary
Big Idea: In this research project, you’ll pre-assess Native American schema, give background knowledge, and take notes from a digital source in this first lesson of eight!

Native Tribes Along the Eastern Coast
Grade Level: All Levels
Big Idea: Learn about the people that inhabited North America when the explorers and colonists arrived.

By incorporating these fun and educational lesson plans, you can engage your students and foster a deeper appreciation for the month of November and beyond.