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BetterLesson December 15, 2022

Kikori & BetterLesson Provide SEL Tools for Districts


Change school culture with SEL tools and experiential learning

When students build strong relationships with their teachers, it positively impacts academic and social development. But, with so many responsibilities on the teacher’s plate, it can be hard to find the right classroom practice and SEL tools for relationship building. 

That’s where experiential education comes in. Put simply, experiential education is learning by doing. And, it’s proven to improve academics, increase a sense of belonging, and deepen relationships. In the context of SEL, experiential education helps students connect with how they feel through conversation and play. 

If you’re a teacher or district leader looking for SEL tools and a way to bring experiential education to your classrooms, look no further than Kikori. The app provides educators with a whole-school SEL solution through 800+ experiential, learning activities for K-12 students. Keep reading to learn more about how Kikori can be your school’s go-to SEL tool and how BetterLesson can support implementation. 

Bringing SEL tools to the classroom with Kikori

Kikori’s founders know quite a bit about experiential education. Both Bryn Lottig and Kendra Bostick studied experiential education as part of their advanced degrees, while putting it into practice in their respective time as a youth leadership facilitator and school social worker/inpatient child behavioral therapist.

Through these experiences, they found inspiration for Kikori. They set out to create an SEL tool that used team building and experiential education to help educators focus on prevention rather than reaction for behavior issues. 

In short, Kikori provides macro and micro SEL plans for K-12 teachers and districts. The platform contains over 800 community building and experiential activities, each involving active play and space for intentional reflection. Luminaries in the SEL space contribute new content regularly. And, it’s all organized into planners and calendars to help educators plan for a responsive classroom. 

It’s free to create an account with Kikori and access the learnings. But, districts can bring the platform to an entire school and receive access to additional features like data tracking to drive measurable SEL goals.

SEL professional learning for teachers from Kikori and BetterLesson 

Training teachers on SEL tools solves an important piece of the puzzle of how to improve student and teacher relationships. 

BetterLesson and Kikori recently established a partnership to provide professional learning for teachers so they have support implementing SEL tools into their classroom. 

Through self-directed courses in BL Connect, teachers of all grade levels find step-by-step support to put Kikori’s SEL tools to work. With more Kikori focused content coming to BetterLesson in 2023, teachers have the tools to create an emotionally safe and connected classroom. Keep your eye out for more information on a Webinar featuring BetterLesson Learning Designers and Kikori’s founders in early 2023!

Ready to bring SEL tools to your district? Schedule a call with BetterLesson to learn how we can work together to bring Kikori to your classrooms.

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