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Rebecca Duguid June 1, 2021

Veteran Kansas City Teacher Shares 4 Strategies for Meeting the Needs of All Learners

Rebecca Duguid

BetterLesson Master Teacher

This vlog is the sixth in a series that highlights the work of the “Meeting the Needs of All Learners” Master Teacher Project. Each author is an experienced educator from the Kansas City area with deep expertise in differentiation and working with students with disabilities and English Learners. Learn more about the project.

For nearly 30 years, Kevin Stoda has taught all over the world – including Nicaragua, Germany, Oman, and of course, the United States. Though he now teaches Spanish at Hickman Mills High School in Kansas City, Missouri, he has mostly taught English as a second language.

With all that experience, Kevin wanted to join the “Meeting the Needs of All Learners” Master Teacher Project in part to further his own skills as a mentor, by going through the experience of being mentored himself. Kevin’s experience (and that of the other Master Teachers) highlights how instructional coaching benefits teachers at all points in their careers. While a new teacher may need support with fundamental teaching strategies, veteran teachers can get much-needed perspective on their practice, learn new tech tools, solve problems with an equally talented educator, or learn coaching skills.

The other reason for joining the Master Teacher Project, of course, is that Kevin heartily agrees that it is so important to meet the diverse needs of his students. Kevin says “We take it as a basic truth that all children can learn. All people can learn! And it’s on us to plan for how to help them learn on their own path and experience new ones.”

BetterLesson coach Aimee Tolleson chats with Kevin about why he joined the Master Teacher Project and what they’ll both take away.

Check out Kevin’s four strategies for Meeting the Needs of All Learners:

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