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BetterLesson June 17, 2022

Instructional Coaching Successes at BetterLesson


At BetterLesson, we’re proud of the impact our coaches have on creating student-centered classrooms. Hear from some of our coaches about their coaching successes this school year.

One participant asked if I could coach her forever! We are working on SEL and she said that I am giving her new perspectives on some of her most difficult students and that with my help and the BL strategies she is seeing a positive effect on classroom management.

Shir, BetterLesson Coach

This year I had the privilege of working with some educators that were implementing the Open Up Math curriculum for the first time. I saw increased mathematical discourse in the classroom and through their stories how the math language routines supported their students. They talked about more joy in the math classroom and ultimately higher-level math learning.

Liz, BetterLesson Coach

I was able to coach multiple teachers from the same elementary school. Many of the participants taught first grade and chose to implement station rotations in either math or ELA. All of the teachers saw improvement in students' behaviors and engagement and truly saw students owning their learning!

Lisa, BetterLesson Coach

I got to work with a teacher who found her voice in the PLC process and led her team to a successful year.

Kelly, BetterLesson Coach

One particular teacher who proclaimed she was, "not tech savvy" trusted me to help her create a Form and link it to Schoology for quicker and easier access of her students. She was so proud of herself and so excited about the ease of use that she plans to create more Forms for meaningful technology integration.

Pam, BetterLesson Coach

I worked with an elementary Spanish teacher to improve family engagement. Her survey and take-home activities created such a positive response from families that she is sharing it at a national teaching conference in the fall!

Kennedy, BetterLesson Coach

I loved helping my participant internalize the EL Education modules. She said the work we did together was deeply impactful…Our biweekly meetings allowed her dedicated space to look ahead while simultaneously reflecting on the progress her students were making towards long and short-term academic goals.

Michele, BetterLesson Coach

I have seen that teachers have needed a sounding board to voice the challenges and frustrations they faced this year. By letting them share this, they are more willing to connect and try new things when they know they have been heard and understood.

Nicole, BetterLesson Coach

I worked with a teacher who was struggling to gain control of her classroom. We used some of the SEL strategies and the climate of her classroom and engagement of her students changed completely from negative and disengaged to positive and engaged and excited to be in school.

Beth, BetterLesson Coach