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BetterLesson April 16, 2019

Infographic: Tackling Teacher Retention with Instructional Coaching


Reducing teacher turnover has become one of the greatest challenges for school and district leaders in recent years. This is particularly true for districts serving students of color and students from low-income households. As teacher demand increases and teacher supply decrease on a national scale, principals and superintendents are working to identify ways to recruit and retain great teachers. Fortunately, research suggests that several of the factors that lead teachers to continue teaching in a given school are under the control of school leaders.

The infographic below and the accompanying white paper provide insights and solutions for this  $7.3 billion challenge. When teachers receive instructional support from leaders, engage in collaborative work with their colleagues, and are provided with job-embedded professional development, they are more likely to remain in their school.

Infographic showing the impact of coaching on teacher turnover

To learn more about how to increase teacher retention in your district, download our white paper Tackling Teacher Retention with Instructional Coaching.

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