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BetterLesson July 20, 2023

5 Things Principals Can Do Over the Summer to Get Ready For Next School Year


While summer brings a well-deserved respite for principals, it also presents a unique opportunity to proactively prepare for the upcoming school year. Here are five productive ways principals can engage during the summer to ensure a smooth start to the upcoming school year.

1. Reflect on the Previous Year’s Achievements and Challenges

The summer is perhaps the only time principals can sit and reflect without having a million fires to put out. Taking time in the summer to analyze academic performance, student behavior, and the effectiveness of implemented programs or curriculum is incredibly helpful. By identifying areas that worked (and areas that did NOT work) principals can make informed decisions and establish realistic objectives for the upcoming year.

2. Develop a Comprehensive Strategy for The Upcoming Year

After the reflection process, principals can use that insight to craft a well-defined strategic plan. This plan can outline specific goals, action steps, and ideal outcomes for the upcoming year. This plan should encompass academic priorities, professional development initiatives for faculty, and strategies to promote a positive school culture. Involving teachers and staff in the planning process fosters a sense of ownership and collaboration, laying the groundwork for successful implementation.

3. Engage in Your Own Professional Development

Principals need to stay inspired and motivated, too! Dedicating some time to professional development over the summer empowers principals to enhance their leadership skills and stay current on educational trends. Attending conferences, workshops, or online courses enables them to explore innovative teaching methodologies, effective communication strategies, and best practices in school administration. This investment in personal growth translates into improved support for teachers and students during the academic year.

4. Strengthen Community and Parental Engagement

Building strong relationships with parents, guardians, and the broader community is vital for fostering a supportive and cohesive school environment. Principals can utilize the summer months to strategize ways to improve communication channels, encourage parental involvement in school activities, and collaborate with local organizations. Establishing a robust network of community support significantly contributes to students’ academic achievements and overall well-being.

5. Assess and Enhance School Infrastructure

Ensuring that the school’s physical infrastructure is in good condition is essential before the start of the new school year. Principals should conduct safety audits, address any maintenance issues, and improve school facilities to create an environment conducive to learning. A well-maintained and inviting school setting positively impacts student motivation and sets a positive tone for the academic year.

Principals, as you enjoy your well-deserved summer break, we hope you are also able to find time to plan for the next school year. By engaging in a few productive activities, you will be well-prepared to lead your school towards a successful and enriching academic year ahead.

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