Circle cycle.

BetterLesson January 28, 2015

New TeachCycle Approach Featured in EdSurge


BetterLesson’s innovative approach to professional development was recently profiled in EdSurge. Co-founders Alex Grodd and Erin Osborn connected with writer Christina Quattrocchi to discuss the company’s newest offering, TeachCycle.

After years of providing free lessons through, the duo saw a need in the education marketplace. While pedagogical approaches and technology were evolving,

Professional learning for teachers was not, leaving most educators ill-equipped to address the evolving set of challenges of a 21st-century classroom.

Looking at various models of growth, they found The Lean Start-Up’s Build-Measure-Learn as a compelling concept to apply to teaching in learning. Hence, TeachCycle and the Teach-Measure-Learn approach were born.

Read Quattrocchi’s article to learn more about the model and its potential for impact in the classroom.