BetterLesson and Kikori partnership

BetterLesson March 13, 2024

BetterLesson Deepens Commitment to Student Well-being Through Continued Partnership with Kikori


BetterLesson, a leading provider of professional development solutions for educators, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its partnership with Kikori, a renowned social-emotional learning (SEL) platform. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in BetterLesson’s mission to empower educators with the tools and resources they need to foster holistic student development.

As schools increasingly recognize the critical role of emotional well-being in shaping students’ academic success, BetterLesson remains dedicated to supporting educators in integrating SEL seamlessly into their instructional practices.

Kikori provides educators with practical tools that complement the pedagogy learned through BetterLesson professional learning. This collaboration helps educators create safe and supportive environments in schools and remote settings, nurturing self-awareness, self-care, and a growth mindset, while encouraging positive behavior and social skills." - Kari Horn Lehman, Director of Partnerships at BetterLesson

Kikori’s platform offers a diverse range of evidence-based resources, activities, and assessments designed to develop students’ self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making abilities. By leveraging Kikori’s interactive tools and engaging content, educators can cultivate a positive classroom culture that prioritizes empathy, resilience, and emotional well-being.

"Our partnership with BetterLesson brings SEL-focused professional learning opportunities to educators across the country," said Kendra Bostick, CEO of Kikori. "Educators recognize the importance of SEL, but don't always have the time or resources to implement meaningful change. To address this challenge, we're partnering with BetterLesson and providing self-directed professional learning around SEL with step-by-step support."

With their continued partnership, BetterLesson and Kikori reaffirm their shared commitment to advancing education practices that address the diverse academic and emotional needs of all students. By providing educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources to effectively integrate social-emotional learning into their teaching, BetterLesson and Kikori are driving positive outcomes for students.

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Betterlesson and Kikori began their partnership in 2023. See the original Press Release.

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