ESSA Level IV Certification

BetterLesson June 20, 2023

BetterLesson Earns Every Student Succeeds Act Level IV Certification


We are excited to announce that BetterLesson earned Level IV certification for its alignment with Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) standards. This certification shows that BetterLesson “demonstrates a rationale” for being evidence-based according to ESSA Level IV. This achievement represents a major step forward in verifying the effectiveness of BetterLesson’s professional learning solutions for schools and districts.

“We all remember our favorite teachers, the people whose expertise, care, and magic changed our lives. At BetterLesson, we believe that we can build a world where every child can have more favorite teachers through a scalable and repeatable approach to professional learning. We live at the intersection of people and technology,” comments BetterLesson’s Chief Product Officer, Amber Orenstein with the announcement of this significant achievement in connect with BetterLesson’s Theory of Action, “Today's ESSA IV milestone codifies the why behind our approach and highlights the research-based rigor we use to bring personalized professional learning to over 40 states across the country.”

Now, as a provider of a certified evidence-based intervention, BetterLesson is among the industry leaders able to empower schools, districts and states to buy and use their solution to drive student outcomes. In collaboration with LearnPlatform, BetterLesson is building a trustworthy, reliable edtech evidence base for districts and state education organizations.

"As the country modernizes learning during and after the pandemic, everyone needs and will benefit from rigorous, practical evaluation to provide evidence at the speed of decision-making,” said Karl Rectanus, CEO and Co-founder of LearnPlatform. “By working with LearnPlatform to build their evidence base, BetterLesson shows that they are committed to aligning with ESSA and investing resources to work toward the goal of better outcomes for students and teachers.”

The ESSA Tiers of Evidence provide districts and schools with a framework for determining which programs, practices, strategies, and evidence based interventions improve student outcomes. Building evidence is a continuous effort, and BetterLesson is proud to be a leading provider of evidence-based instructional approaches for HQIM and student-centered teaching recognized by ESSA.

Our partnership with LearnPlatform demonstrates our long-term dedication to research and efficacy validation. Achieving ESSA Level IV certification is a significant milestone on our journey to showcase the positive impact BetterLesson has on teachers, leaders, and classrooms. And better yet, it gives schools and districts confidence that their use of ESSER funds to adopt BetterLesson will result in positive outcomes.

Read the full press release here.

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