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BetterLesson June 24, 2017

Founder & CEO Alex Grodd Featured in Bostoninno


From BetterLesson to BetterTeacher: How This Startup Is Sending Educators Back to School

BetterLesson CEO and Co-Founder Alex Grodd recently spoke with Bostoninno reporter Lucia Maffei to discuss the company’s evolution and new focus on personalized professional development. After years in the lesson plan business, the company shifted gears to provide robust virtual coaching that supports practice change. “It’s important to have access to great lessons, but it’s not enough,” Grodd said. “It’s necessary, but it’s not sufficient.”

To date, BetterLesson coaches have worked with almost 1,000 teachers from 30 states, with an additional 800 slated to start at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

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