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BetterLesson October 13, 2022

Asynchronous Professional Development Creates Value


In today’s fast-paced school environment, it can be hard for teachers and leaders to make time for professional learning more than once a year. But, relying on one-off professional development could negatively impact students’ success — and your district outcomes.

Research shows, one off PD isn’t effective. To truly accelerate outcomes, your PD needs to be actionable, offer teacher voice and choice, and leverage time for educators to to learn and share together. To put it simply, teachers want PD that will help them in the classroom today.

With over 100 courses designed across a variety of PD focus areas, BL Connect could be the answer. As experienced educators design each course they keep the needs of today’s educators top of mind. Keep reading for three ways the asynchronous PD platform can align with PD and district goals. 

Offer Supplemental and Actionable Professional Learning

Many districts around the country have core initiatives that the bulk of their professional learning may be about. they might focus on that topic during ‘PD Days’ and in coaching. 

However, that depth often comes at the cost of not being able to support educators in other areas they may be seeking support in. 

By providing an asynchronous library of resources on other topics, district leaders can support learning even though they may not be able to provide entire programs of development on additional topics. 

BL Connect can be that supplement, with courses that cover a range of topics under the focus areas of Instructional Leadership, Inclusive and Responsive Practices, Flexible Instructional Models, and Curriculum and Academic Content

Amplify Teacher Voice and Choice

Educators today need various topics in their PD that reflect the diverse needs of their students. Ideally, all professional learning should be adaptive and varied as possible. But, the scale and range of topics makes bringing that offering to the table a challenge for any size district. 

When districts offer BL Connect, they can leverage it through a learning target for educators of time spent in courses. This creates a trackable metric for districts while still giving teachers the agency to choose what professional learning will be most impactful for them.

PLCs Create Common Planning

Districts around the country leverage dedicated times for educators to learn and share together. These spaces had increased in popularity throughout the 2010s, with as many as 3 in 4 districts having some form of Professional Learning Community (PLC). 

One issue with PLCs has been the need for teachers and coaches to lead these spaces, create agendas, and deliver content. This takes significant time and investment that many cannot afford. BL Connect provides a shared content connection through its library of resources. For example, PLC participants can share their takeaways from any BL Connect course and work towards shared understanding through their own context and needs. Rather than spending time on the administrative tasks related to a PLC, this accelerates time spent on professional learning that leads to action.

If you don’t have time to read this entire post, here’s the key takeaway: asynchronous professional development through a platform like BL Connect is an effective way to give teachers the tools they really need to thrive and grow, while simultaneously working within the constraints of a busy, modern school.

Want to see how BL Connect works? Check out our self-guided demo of the platform.

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