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BetterLesson is making effective blended learning practice visible and accessible to every educator in the world.

BetterLesson has chosen 11 of the highest-performing blended teachers in the country to capture and share their effective practices. All of the Blended Master Teachers have one thing in common: they use technology in strategic and innovative ways to personalize the learning of their students. The high-definition strategy videos and teacher-created artifacts you'll find here represent a unique body of practice by blended learning teachers for blended learning teachers.

The number of strategies and artifacts from this project will grow every week for the next several months. Please enjoy, use, and share these fantastic resources!

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Jessica Anderson Profile Photo

Jessica Anderson

Deer Lodge, MT
8 years experience
31 Strategies
Jeff Astor Profile Photo

Jeff Astor

Los Angeles, CA
4 years experience
27 Strategies
Tanesha Dixon Profile Photo

Tanesha Dixon

Washington, DC
11 years experience
28 Strategies
Freddy Esparza Profile Photo

Freddy Esparza

Los Angeles, CA
6 years experience
30 Strategies
Raul Gonzalez Profile Photo

Raul Gonzalez

Los Angeles, CA
6 years experience
30 Strategies
Aaron Kaswell Profile Photo

Aaron Kaswell

Brooklyn, NY
7 years experience
28 Strategies
Mark Montero Profile Photo

Mark Montero

Los Angeles, CA
6 years experience
32 Strategies
Johanna Paraiso Profile Photo

Johanna Paraiso

Oakland, CA
12 years experience
27 Strategies
Stephen Pham Profile Photo

Stephen Pham

San Jose, CA
3 years experience
32 Strategies
Benjamin Siegel Profile Photo

Benjamin Siegel

Bronx, NY
5 years experience
29 Strategies
Daniel Utset-Guerrero Profile Photo

Daniel Utset-Guerrero

Miami, FL
4 years experience
34 Strategies

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Project Timeline

Project Launch, February 2015

53 professional-grade videos of Blended Master Teachers’ teaching strategies and reflections

Spring 2015

100+ strategy videos plus hundreds of teacher-generated resources

Summer 2015

150+ strategy videos plus hundreds more new resources

Fall 2015

Over 200 strategy videos plus more than 500 teacher resources
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