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Evolving Professional Learning for the 22/23 School Year

Create a personalized learning pathway that expands learning over time, layering experiences that support targeted skill development and offers opportunities to Try, Measure, and Learn throughout the school year.

Introducing Self-Directed Learning for Student-Centered Classrooms

Gain unlimited access to BL Connect—a continually growing library of in-depth, research-backed courses that teach complex curricula and critical skills to expand capacity in student-centered teaching. Increase awareness of new concepts and practices with 20-min micro-learning courses and 60-min full-interactive courses that are all tied to specific outcomes.

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New Focus Areas to Create Meaningful Learning Experiences

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Study a series of learning experiences and supports that will equip Principals and building leaders with a wide-ranging skill set to lead, support, and maintain high levels of teaching and learning.

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Executive Leadership Coaching

District Superintendents and executive leaders can often be isolated within their roles. Work with an executive coach to expand leadership capacity through creating awareness, generating action, and facilitating learning and growth.

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This focus area empowers new teachers to become high-quality educators through professional learning, mentorship, and leadership support.

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English Learners

Dive into language acquisition, English language development standards, and research-based instructional strategies to ensure each student has what they need to succeed.

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Students with Disabilities

Learn how to leverage technology tools for purposeful instruction to ensure that curriculum is accessible to all students.

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Use the OpenSciEd platform to its fullest potential to help students make sense of scientific phenomena through asking driving questions, holding deep discussions, building consensus, and investigating.

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Power Your Professional Learning Journey in the BL Lab

The BL Lab is now even easier to use as the centralized hub for your professional development program. Browse thousands of proven instructional strategies and resources developed by our master teachers, measure and report on learning outcomes, and interact with your dedicated 1:1 coach directly in the BL Lab.

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Create student-centered classrooms

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The Learning Curve

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