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Romain Bertrand

Director of Solution Design, BetterLesson

Romain Bertrand is a personalized learning leader, blogger, consultant, coach, and practitioner. During his 20 years in education, he has led numerous education innovations including coaching and blended and personalized learning programs, supporting hundreds of teachers and in-school coaches across the US to use personalized learning as a tool for equity.

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Romain Bertrand December 17, 2019

Looking Back to Better Look Ahead: The PRO Co-Reflective Protocol

Whether you're a teacher, coach, or administrator, the PRO Co-Reflective Protocol can help you reflect on the Fall to prepare for the second half of the school year. ...
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Romain Bertrand August 27, 2019

Four Tips for Making this School Year Your Best One Yet

This back-to-school season, discover four teaching tips to ensure you come to the classroom prepared to make this year your best yet....
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Romain Bertrand May 2, 2019

Define-Explore-Build: Three Simple Steps to Make Your PD More Actionable

Read an interview with instructional coach Jelena Byers on how she used the Design-Explore-Build framework to create and implement a series of workshops for her teachers....
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Romain Bertrand February 5, 2019

Students in Charge and in Control: Exploring and Designing Student Self-Paced Online Learning

Learn how an instructional coach and teacher used one class as an incubator for self-paced experimentation....
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Romain Bertrand January 19, 2019

5 Steps to Move From Reflection to Action After MLK Day

Explore different approaches for incorporating the history of the Civil Rights Movement into all content....
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Romain Bertrand October 9, 2018

Making the Creation of Mastery-Based Progressions Achievable

What is mastery-based progression? Learn how implementing a mastery-based progression gives your students choice and voice....
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Milana Lazareva, Romain Bertrand May 22, 2018

Fill In The Gaps: From a Classroom Challenge to a Personalized Learning Strategy

Read an interview outlining how one teacher worked with a BetterLesson coach to empower her students to own their formative assessment data....
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Romain Bertrand February 7, 2018

3 Ways Coaching Helps Change Educator Habits

Discover how coaching helps change educator habits by providing these valuable resources. ...
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Romain Bertrand January 6, 2018

Move from Reflection to Action after MLK Day

Explore six small steps any teacher or school leader could take to support more challenging and productive conversations....
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