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Romain Bertrand

Director of Solution Design, BetterLesson

Romain Bertrand is a personalized learning leader, blogger, consultant, coach, and practitioner. During his 20 years in education, he has led numerous education innovations including coaching and blended and personalized learning programs, supporting hundreds of teachers and in-school coaches across the US to use personalized learning as a tool for equity.

Teacher filling out form.
Romain Bertrand November 10, 2021

8 Simple Ways Data Can Be Used to Personalize Instruction

What do you do with all this student data? Watch videos of real classrooms to learn 8 simple ways to use data to personalize instruction....
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Students working in library
October 20, 2021

BetterLesson Live | From Assessment of Learning to Assessment as Learning

Watch a webinar about systems and strategies to shift mindsets and practices around assessments....
Group of students working together.
Romain Bertrand October 20, 2021

From Assessment of Learning to Assessment as Learning: Making Differentiation Finally Manageable

Learn about ways to use formative assessment as a lever of manageable and sustainable differentiation....
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Woman presenting a project to group
September 30, 2021

ESSER Funding Guide to Professional Development

This guide examines how professional learning courses can give districts the tools and resources they need to meet their ESSER plan outcomes and goals....
Teacher and student in front of classroom
September 28, 2021

BetterLesson Live | 3 Asset-Based Approaches to Accelerating Student Growth

Presenting tools to create a plan of action toward accelerating the growth of all learners by focusing on simple but powerful instructional outcomes....
Group of students working together.
Romain Bertrand June 22, 2021

Learning Losses and Learning Gains: Focus on Balance and Equity to Re-imagine Instruction Moving Forward

How to support schools and leaders to create thoughtful system changes and meaningful professional development plans post-pandemic....
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Educator thinking at desk.
Romain Bertrand October 20, 2020

How Can Educational Leaders Best Support Teachers During COVID?

Our Sr. Manager of Solution Design, Romain Bertrand, sat down with coach Lindsay Lyons to discuss how leaders can support teachers in these trying times....
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Student using laptop at home
Romain Bertrand May 19, 2020

Distance Learning: Tips for Parents, from a Teacher Who Wears Both Hats

Distance learning can be tough for students, educators, and parents. Here's some advice from a BetterLesson instructional coach and parent of two....
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Three people working together.
Romain Bertrand January 7, 2020

3 Ways Coaching Helps Change Habits

Discover three ways instructional coaching helps change habits and can keep you committed to your school year resolutions....
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