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Morgan Atkins

BetterLesson Instructional Coach

Morgan Atkins is an instructional coach for BetterLesson who strives to help teachers and leaders transform their classrooms with student-centered learning and social-emotional support. Her hope is to help make education more “human.” Morgan taught in Rochester, NY for 6 years, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Childhood Education and a Master of Science in Special Education, and has taken classes with Mindful Schools, which she uses to implement mindfulness programs for children and educators. Her passion is teaching, learning, and growing alongside other educators who also believe that education can change the future of our world.

Image of a hallway on a blog post titled 'When Less is More: How Personalized Learning Can Transform Jewish Day Schools'
Morgan Atkins April 25, 2023

When Less is More: How Personalized Learning Can Transform Jewish Day Schools

Ensure quality teaching and learning with personalized learning that is grounded in the five pillars of student-centered teaching. ...
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Teacher helping high school students with laptop and tablet
Morgan Atkins September 8, 2022

Four Ways to Help Students Adjust to the Classroom

Prioritizing student social-emotional well-being from the start of the school year saves teacher time and energy throughout the year. ...
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Teacher helping group of students use tablet
Morgan Atkins, Bryanna Costello July 30, 2022

How One Teacher Created a Culture of Growth with Goal Setting and BetterLesson

See how one teacher created a culture of feedback with her students in order to drive their academic growth....
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Teacher helping high school students with laptop and tablet
Morgan Atkins April 20, 2022

15+ Strategies to Help With Student Accountability

By utilizing effective strategies, educators can build a learning environment that reaches all learners and paves the way for student ownership....
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Students discuss in a group.
Morgan Atkins March 22, 2022

Closing Learning Gaps Through Trauma-Informed Teaching

Explore how to keep a student-centered focus on the needs of all learners and use trauma-informed teaching strategies to accelerate growth....
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Group of students working together.
Morgan Atkins January 14, 2022

Competency-Based Learning: How to Build a Culture of Self-Assessment (and Get Students On Board)

How do we build a culture where students self-assess meaningfully? Here are three key steps for bringing self-assessment to life....
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Kids building with blocks together.
Morgan Atkins January 11, 2022

Setting the Stage for Self-Awareness and Self-Management: 8 Keys to Making Reflection and Growth Part of Your Classroom Culture

Self-awareness and self-management are key components of social-emotional learning (SEL). But how can we cultivate them in our classrooms?...
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Teacher reading to young students.
Morgan Atkins December 22, 2021

My Mindfulness Journey: Implementing Mindfulness in the Classroom

Learn strategies for teachers to model mindfulness to encourage self-management and self-awareness skills in their students....
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