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Meagan French

Director of Partnerships at BetterLesson

Meagan French is the Director of Partnerships in the Northeast. Some of her partners in the Northeast include Groton NY, Fairport, NY, Elmira, Longmeadow, MA, and Norwalk, CT. She works closely with district and building leaders and teachers to advance equitable, student-centered instructional practices in their buildings and classrooms. 

Meagan has been developing and implementing professional learning alongside educators since 2009 after teaching ELL students in greater-Philadelphia. She was the 2021 Chair of the National Simulations and Training Conference Serious Games Showcase and Challenge which promotes the effective use of game technology to foster learning in K-12, Higher Education, and Military Training. She has been a featured speaker on serious games in K-12 for the US Department of Education, Serious Play, the National Simulations and Training Conference, and has provided thought leadership on helping professional learning organizations grow for Learn Launch.

Meagan lives in Westfield, Massachusetts, with her husband Adam and her golden-retriever Ellie.