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Matthew Kennard

BetterLesson Chief Executive Officer

Op-ed featuring Matt Kennard covering The Case for Increased Educational Funding
Matthew Kennard March 22, 2024

The Case for Increased Educational Funding

Recognize that educational funding is not merely a financial decision, but a moral imperative to dismantling barriers to student success....
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Matthew Kennard January 30, 2024

Humanizing Edtech: Striking the Balance for Effective Learning

[Op-ed] Can we humanize edtech with the nuance required to enhance our efficacy while honoring the irreplaceable element at the core of teaching–humanity?...
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An op-ed titled Principal Support is Imperative to a Thriving Educational Ecosystem.
Matthew Kennard December 19, 2023

Principal Support is Imperative to a Thriving Educational Ecosystem

Principal support plays a pivotal role in cultivating a successful environment, nurturing positive learning, and improving student outcomes....
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IMage of an op-ed bt Matt Kennard titled 'The Path to Educational Equity is Paved With Quality Instructional Materials'
Matthew Kennard November 17, 2023

The Path to Educational Equity Is Paved With Quality Instructional Materials

Explore how HQIM can provide equitable access for all students and its influence on learning and student achievement....
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School building.
Matthew Kennard May 26, 2022

Where Do We Go From Here?

At BetterLesson, we stand in unity with Uvalde, Buffalo, and all other communities that have been impacted by similar tragedies. We firmly believe that supporting all educators in helping their students confront the horrific nature of these acts is a critical step in catalyzing growth and change, and we are here for that work....
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Teacher filling out form.
Matthew Kennard February 8, 2022

The Future of Professional Learning is Connected: Introducing BL Connect

We'd like to introduce BL Connect: an online learning platform that gives access to a course library tailored to the needs of the teacher....
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