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Matt Homrich-Knieling

Writer and Educator

Matt Homrich-Knieling is a writer, educator, and parent based in Detroit. He has over seven years of experience as a middle school ELA and writing teacher, and he has also worked as an in-school Restorative Justice Coordinator. Additionally, Matt served as an ELA department lead for three years and served as a mentor to beginning teachers. Currently, Matt is a stay-at-home parent with his two spirited babies.

Matt Homrich-Knieling January 28, 2024

Sunday Scaries February: Lessons & Strategies for February

Explore educational lesson plans associated with Black History Month, President's Day, and more in February!...
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A group of teachers gathered together, accompanied by text reading 'Webinar Recap: Authentically Supporting Your Teachers.'
Matt Homrich-Knieling January 9, 2024

Webinar Recap: Authentically Supporting Your Teachers

Learn how principals can create a resilient school culture by implementing thoughtful support strategies and practices for teacher support....
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Classroom scene with students raising hands eagerly, titled 'Lessons Strategies List for the New Year' as part of the 'Sunday Scaries' blog series.
Matt Homrich-Knieling January 7, 2024

Sunday Scaries January: Lessons & Strategies for the New Year

Kick off the new year with educational lesson plans and instructional strategies on classroom routines, goal-setting, and more in January!...
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Classroom with students seated, some raising their hands while a teacher stands. Text overlay reads 'Classroom Management Strategies from Master Teachers.'
Matt Homrich-Knieling December 18, 2023

Classroom Management Strategies From Master Teachers

Explore classroom management strategies to improve classroom behavior and build a positive classroom environment where student learning is the priority....
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'Strategies for Improving Student Mental Health' with image depicting a teacher and student conversing
Matt Homrich-Knieling December 12, 2023

Strategies for Improving Student Mental Health

Learn how schools and educators can support student mental health and well-being and identify strategies to address existing gaps....
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Teacher and students engaged in student-centered differentiation techniques
Matt Homrich-Knieling November 15, 2023

Differentiation Techniques that Put Students at the Center of Their Education

Foster an inclusive and positive learning environment for students by implementing these eight effective differentiation strategies....
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Two principals engaged in conversation about Professional Development for Principals
Matt Homrich-Knieling October 23, 2023

Principals Benefit from Professional Development, Too

Explore the research on how professional development can enhance principals’ leadership, teacher practice, and student outcomes....
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A teacher and student engage in a discussion illustrating how curriculum influences student learning
Matt Homrich-Knieling September 5, 2023

The Key Role of Curriculum Choice in Student Learning

Curriculum plays a huge role in student learning. In this blog post, you will learn specific roles that curriculum can serve, which in turn guides decision-making around curriculum implementation....
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Principal and student walking down a hall regarding best practices for principals to have a great school year
Matt Homrich-Knieling August 17, 2023

Best Practices for Principals to Have a Great School Year

Learning actionable ways to ensure a successful and sustainable school year!...
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