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Lindsay Lyons

BetterLesson Instructional Coach

Lindsay Lyons is an instructional coach who works with teachers and school leaders to inspire educational innovation and build capacity for shared leadership and educational equity. Lindsay taught in NYC for 7 years, holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change, and is the founder of the educational blog, Time for Teachership.

Group of teachers.
Lindsay Lyons April 27, 2021

In Curriculum Design, Less is More

Instructional coach Lindsay Lyons advocates for a less is more approach in curriculum design to let students dive deeper and nurture their social-emotional health....
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Teacher walking between desks in classroom
Lindsay Lyons October 20, 2020

How Can Educators Create a Learning Space for Difficult Subjects?

BetterLesson coach and leadership scholar Lindsay Lyons shares how she approaches difficult subjects in the classroom....
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Group of teachers working together in a library
Lindsay Lyons September 1, 2020

To Improve Equity in Your School, Try Shared Leadership

Learn how to include students, families, teachers, and leaders in decision-making....
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Kids building with blocks together.
Lindsay Lyons June 9, 2020

5 Strategies to Bring Back Next Year—Virtually or in the Classroom

Remote learning led teachers to experiment to achieve more personalized student learning – here are 5 strategies they'll continue to use....
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Happy school leader on video call.
Lindsay Lyons April 14, 2020

Distance Learning: Staying Healthy While Teaching from Home

Teaching from home is a challenging transition. Focusing on your well-being will not only improve your mood, but also the care you give your students....
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Happy woman on video call.
Lindsay Lyons March 17, 2020

3 Blended Learning Strategies to Effectively Personalize Learning

Learn 3 low-prep blended learning strategies to more effectively personalize learning....
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Teacher helping group of students.
Lindsay Lyons March 4, 2020

Classroom Management: Building Community Through Instructional Content

Learn three strategies for building a classroom community without taking time away from teaching key instructional content....
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Three people working together.
Lindsay Lyons February 18, 2020

Building Buy-In for School Initiatives

Discover strategies for teacher buy-in for school initiatives that will allow for productive discussions and support from all stakeholders....
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