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Julie Mason July 23, 2018

Making your Coaching Experience Impactful

Learn strategies to ensure educators maximize learning impact during professional learning sessions....
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Julie Mason, Julie Mason July 17, 2018

Technology Implementation Stories: Manassas City Public Schools

Manassas City School District found support for teachers to integrate new technology meaningfully....
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Pencil and ruler.
Julie Mason, Ashlee Marsh June 26, 2018

How Do You Get The Kids To Do The Heavy Lifting?

How is it possible for students to take ownership of their learning and to persevere and help themselves when the going gets tough? In this post, teacher Ashlee shares tips that have worked for her and her students....
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Julie Mason, Darcy Mueller May 29, 2018

Testing The Waters: Alternatives To Consider If You Don’t Want To Jump Right Into Choice Boards

Read about alternatives to the Choice Board Model that are more structured and provide more guidance for students....
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Notebook with written strategy.
Julie Mason May 9, 2018

Tips and Tools To Support Your Students To Take The Lead

Learn how using choice boards enables students to learn tools to be more efficient and take ownership over their own learning....
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Two people on a video call.
Julie Mason May 3, 2018

Three Reasons Why Instructional Coaching Is More Effective Than Any Other PD

Learn why personalized, ongoing coaching is one of the most effective tools to help teachers implement new strategies and tools in their classrooms....
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Steps to a plan.
Julie Mason, Darcy Mueller April 16, 2018

Tips and Tools For Choice Board Management

Read a conversation between a teacher and an instructional coach to learn strategies for managing choice boards....
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Connected circles.
Julie Mason March 17, 2018

Pulling Back the Curtain: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Choice Board Implementation

Read tips and strategies for putting choice boards into practice so they run smoothly in the classroom....
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Magnifying glass.
Julie Mason February 15, 2018

Using Choice Boards and a Teacher’s Progress in Utilization

Learn about the challenges that come with using choice boards and how they can be addressed....
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