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Cheryl Belknap

BetterLesson Instructional Coach and Senior Manager, Solution Design

As a PreK-Higher Education instructional coach, curriculum expert and former district administrator, Cheryl supports the design and development of active professional learning experiences that meet the immediate needs of educators and the students they serve.

Cheryl has been with BetterLesson since 2013. She joined BetterLesson to lead the K-5 Math Master Teacher Project. Upon project completion, Cheryl organized the Science Master Teacher Project. In addition, Cheryl was Director of the Adobe Master Teacher Project.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 4:00pm EST

Designing Effective PLCs to Increase Student Achievement and Teacher Collaboration

Learn simple leadership strategies that support better collaboration and create more effective professional learning communities in your district....
Cheryl Belknap April 12, 2019

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Try a New Strategy, Part 2

In spite of all of the important spring business, you couldn't actually pick a better time to try a new instructional strategy....
Blog Post
Pencil and ruler.
Cheryl Belknap March 14, 2019

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Try a New Strategy, Part 1

Explore a few student-centered instructional strategies that can be implemented in the classroom immediately....
Blog Post
Network of people.
Cheryl Belknap November 16, 2018

How to Develop a Collaborative Professional Learning Structure in Your School

See key strategies to help your school stay student-centered as you implement professional learning....
Blog Post
Notebook with written strategy.
Cheryl Belknap November 15, 2018

Forward-Thinking Leadership: Learning for a Professional Lifetime

Explore ways to make your leadership more forward-thinking and focused on student-centered practices....
Blog Post
Notebook and pencil.
Cheryl Belknap June 19, 2018

Two Effective Ways To Wrap Up Your School Year

Wrap up the school year with two activities designed to assess and reflect on classroom culture....
Blog Post
Two remote people connected.
Cheryl Belknap June 7, 2018

What Makes Coaching Effective? 7 Tips for School Administrators

In-school coaching is timely, actionable, and an investment in making continuous improvement a reality in your building....
Blog Post
Rocket taking off.
Cheryl Belknap, Ryan Humphrey June 5, 2018

Using Video to Grow Your Teaching

Recording a lesson in order to grow your teaching is quick, relatively easy— and it works!...
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