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BetterLesson provides personalized, job-embedded, ongoing support for educators to help create classrooms where students drive their own learning, exercise choice and ownership, and develop the personal agency they need to succeed. With our sustainable, learn-by-doing support for educators and leaders, small group workshops, and a user-friendly platform, we provide research-based, time-tested instructional strategies that help teachers and coaches communicate, set goals, and track their progress.

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BetterLesson June 20, 2018

Tennessee DOE Blended Learning Pilot Yields Promising Results

Explore the results of the Tennessee Department of Educatio's first year of its two-year pilot with BetterLesson instructional coaching....
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BetterLesson April 2, 2018

Tackling the Teacher Shortage in Rural Schools

The National Rural Education Association (NREA) is partnering with BetterLesson to deliver one-to-one professional development to educators in some of the country’s most remote regions....
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BetterLesson March 20, 2018

Press Release: Lindsay USD Educators to Receive One-to-One Coaching from BetterLesson

Read how Lindsay Unified School District educators received one-to-one coaching from BetterLesson instructional coaches....
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BetterLesson August 9, 2017

BetterLesson Partnership with Groton School District Highlighted in Cortland Standard

Learn more about BetterLesson’s partnership with Groton School District....
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BetterLesson June 24, 2017

Founder & CEO Alex Grodd Featured in Bostoninno

Read an interview with BetterLesson CEO and Co-Founder about BetterLesson's personalized professional development....
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BetterLesson March 26, 2017

Tennessee DOE and BetterLesson Bring Personalized Math Instruction to Classrooms

Learn how BetterLesson is equipping educators to deploy personalized learning in upper school math classes. ...
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BetterLesson July 14, 2016

BetterLesson Partners with Tennessee DOE

BetterLesson partners with the Tennessee Department of Education to provide personalized professional development....
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BetterLesson April 13, 2016

BetterLesson Partners with Avi Chai for Blended Learning

BetterLesson has partnered with The AVI CHAI Foundation to provide professional development on blended learning....
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BetterLesson February 15, 2016

This Time, It’s Personal.

Learn how BetterLesson's new personalized professional development platform will transform teacher learning. ...
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