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BetterLesson provides personalized, job-embedded, ongoing support for educators to help create classrooms where students drive their own learning, exercise choice and ownership, and develop the personal agency they need to succeed. With our sustainable, learn-by-doing support for educators and leaders, small group workshops, and a user-friendly platform, we provide research-based, time-tested instructional strategies that help teachers and coaches communicate, set goals, and track their progress.

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BetterLesson June 17, 2022

Instructional Coaching Successes at BetterLesson

Hear from some of our BetterLesson coaches about their coaching successes this school year....
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Teacher sits with group of students.
BetterLesson May 13, 2022

3 Strategies to Build Resilience through Executive Function Skills

Explore executive function skills like working memory, impulse control, and cognitive flexibility....
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Group of teachers.
BetterLesson April 27, 2022

5 Reasons Why Your Best New Teachers Are Leaving (and How to Help Them)

New educators need support to not only remain in the profession but to develop into the kinds of educators able to teach to today's high standards....
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BetterLesson April 12, 2022

BetterLesson Live | Preparing New Teachers and Paraprofessionals Series

Join us for this bite-size webinar series alongside industry experts to learn strategies to inspire new teachers and paras to support all students....
Educators collaborating.
BetterLesson January 12, 2022

I Wish My Principal Knew…: Former Teachers on Ways to Prevent Teacher Burnout

Supportive leadership can make the difference in helping teachers avoid burnout. Hear from former educators on ways principals can support their teams....
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Teacher sits with group of students.
BetterLesson November 18, 2021

An Action Plan for Closing Gaps and Accelerating Growth

Learn strategies to accelerate student growth and combat unfinished learning....
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BetterLesson June 9, 2021

A Look Back at the “Meeting the Needs of All Learners” Master Teacher Project

BetterLesson selected a group of Master Teachers to work together to create strategies to help educators meet the needs of all learners....
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Teacher sits with group of students.
BetterLesson May 9, 2021

Meeting the Needs of All Learners: 50 Instructional Strategies Developed with the Kauffman Foundation

Meeting the Needs of All Learners Master Teacher Rebecca Duguid shares how simple modifications can benefit all students and save you time....
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School leader in an office.
BetterLesson April 7, 2021

Districts Leverage $300,000 Matching Grant Program to Improve Flexible Learning and Address Social Justice

BetterLesson grants $300,000 in services to six K-12 institutions to improve the resilience of their pedagogy and develop practices that promote social justice....
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