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Afrika Afeni Mills

BetterLesson Instructional Coach and Manager of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

Educators collaborating.
Afrika Afeni Mills February 2, 2021

Black History Month Reimagined

February is Black History Month. BetterLesson's Afrika Afeni Mills shares four considerations for you to rethink how you teach Black history this year....
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Working professional.
Afrika Afeni Mills November 13, 2019

Highlights from Social Justice 101

Discover the highlights that continued to resonate after attending a Teaching Tolerance workshop, "Social Justice 101."...
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Student raising hand.
Afrika Afeni Mills February 12, 2019

What Do You Mean When You Say “Those Kids Don’t Want to Learn”?

Explore different reasons for lack of student engagement and how to help all student succeed....
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Growing plant.
Afrika Afeni Mills October 23, 2018

How to Create a Culturally Responsive Learning Environment

Learn five quick culturally responsive strategies to try in your classroom to help students of all backgrounds feel valued and included....
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Group of people.
Afrika Afeni Mills September 27, 2018

Facilitating Effective Family-Teacher Conferences

Consider these tips to help you facilitate effective conferences with your students’ families....
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People connected.
Afrika Afeni Mills September 6, 2018

Classroom Management Reconsidered

Reframing the ideas of classroom management to create a classroom culture of reciprocated trust and respect. ...
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Book with bookmark.
Afrika Afeni Mills, Monica Washington April 4, 2018

Required Reading Reconsidered

Read strategies for diversifying reading across the curriculum. ...
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Text bubble conversation.
Afrika Afeni Mills October 10, 2017

Inside Coaching: Culturally Responsive Learning in Susanville, CA

Exploring a teacher's culturally responsive learning experiences with her BetterLesson Coach. ...
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Afrika Afeni Mills October 8, 2017

Inside Coaching: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Results in Susanville, CA

Explore a 7th grade teacher's experiences with culturally responsive teaching and learning with her BetterLesson coach....
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