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Adobe Express Virtual Workshops

Empower all students to access the tools, skills and platforms they need to express themselves, reach their full potential and share their unique and diverse perspectives with the world.

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Encouraging Creativity Brings Learning Alive

Over 75% of today’s students say they learn best by doing and creating. Adobe Express gives students the opportunity to express themselves through building confidence to create extraordinary digital products.

Through BetterLesson virtual workshops, teachers and leaders will develop their skills in creating student-centered learning environments using tools like Adobe Express. Participants will learn new concepts and strategies, create concrete plans, and gain insight from their peers.

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About Adobe Express

Adobe Express is the only all-in-one, cross-device solution for creators. Leveraging the power of storytelling, combined with an easy-to-use, intuitive experience, Adobe Express enables users to quickly create and publish high-quality digital content.

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Who are Virtual Workshops For?

BetterLesson Adobe virtual workshops are designed to support K-12 teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators in building student and educator confidence in using Adobe Express.

Virtual Workshops are not webinars. They are highly interactive with opportunities for discussion and to create a plan with manageable next steps. We model what we teach, so participants experience the kind of engaging learning they will create with their students.

How Does it Work?

Virtual workshops are designed to adapt to districts’ and schools’ needs.

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Each workshop meets for two hours via video conference. Participants can attend one or a series of workshops.

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Each workshop is facilitated by a BetterLesson coach—highly-effective, experienced educators with training in student-centered instruction and adult pedagogy.

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BetterLesson Lab

Participants receive access to the BetterLesson Lab: an online platform where they can search thousands of high-quality lesson plans, instructional strategies, and videos.

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