Strategic Implementation Reimagined

Partnerships with high-impact education organizations that support student and teacher growth

BetterLesson forms Strategic Partnerships with select education organizations to support implementation by providing tailored professional learning that unlocks the potential of products and services.

BetterLesson partners with leading education companies and nonprofits that share our mission of empowering teacher growth and developing the next generation of resourceful, compassionate, resilient problem-solvers. Our Strategic Partners offer an array of educational solutions, including highly-rated curricula, digital learning tools, teacher evaluation and growth tracking, adaptive formative assessment tools for students, and more – solutions that prepare teachers and students for success in a rapidly changing world.

We know such organizations often face an implementation gap: teachers and leaders need ongoing support to integrate such products into their unique context and realize their tremendous value for students. BetterLesson provides the professional learning support that bridges that implementation gap.

Professional Learning Reimagined

BetterLesson provides one-on-one coaching and engaging, action-oriented small-group professional learning experiences. Our approach is tailored, learn-by-doing, and iterative, leading to actual changes in teacher practice. We support teachers and leaders to create personalized, student-centered classrooms where learners tackle high-level material and feel valued. Through Strategic Partnerships, educators gain the skills and knowledge required to fully integrate technology, curriculum, and instructional solutions into teaching practice.

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BetterLesson Services - Design Workshops, 1:1 Coaching, Virtual Learning Series, and Learning Walks

Strategic Partners Can Expect:

World-class instructional talent. We’ve established over a decade’s worth of relationships with the best teachers and industry experts in the country. We match each instructional expert’s background to the skills required to support implementation of your product, then collaborate with your team to ensure our certification process prepares our experts to delight and support your customers.

Flexibility in serving a range of district needs. Our professional learning model can be applied to a variety of contexts, from rural to large urban districts. We offer in-person as well as virtual learning experiences, leveraging our unique online platform, the BetterLesson Lab. We have successfully supported implementation of a diverse range of tools, curricula, and instructional frameworks in thousands of classrooms across all K-12 content areas and grade levels. 

Successful implementation at scale. BetterLesson has built a proven, replicable model for providing tailored professional learning experiences grounded in research-based practices. We put teachers and instructional leaders in the driver’s seat as they work to meet their goals, building their capacity to scale and sustain best practices.

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