Student artifact: Marshmallow challenge debrief gallery walk - Section 6: Challenge debrief

  • student artifact marshmallow challenge debrief gallery
  Student artifact: Marshmallow challenge debrief gallery walk
  Student artifact: Marshmallow challenge debrief gallery walk
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Can we eat the marshmallow now?

Unit 1: "Unit 0": Engineering design thinking
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Objective: Students will be able to: 1) identify discrete steps that will lead to a solution to the Marshmallow Challenge; 2) effectively collaborate with each other to develop a prototype solution to the Marshmallow Challenge; 3) persevere in developing a solution to the Marshmallow Challenge even though there is no single correct solution; and 4) discuss each others' ideas about the habits of engineering design collaboration using evidence from the Marshmallow Challenge.

Big Idea: Collaborative engineering design thinking is a key skill for STEM fields. How might we effectively collaborate to successfully participate in a design challenge?

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Science, rapid prototyping, Design Challenge, blended learning, Community Mapping, democratic pedagogy, mastery based grading, collaborative problem solving
  55 minutes
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