Reflection: Checks for Understanding Rounding to Check Addition - Section 3: Student Practice


During the student practice time, I was continually checking for student understanding. The majority of students were able to successfully meet today's goal. Here is a Proficient Student Sample. I loved how neatly this student lined up digits when adding multiple addends on the last couple of problems. 

Also, this conversation alone was so wonderful to witness: Estimating 52098 + 6048. More importantly than successfully completing the task is knowing how the strategy will be useful in the future!  

  Checks for Understanding: Reflection
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Rounding to Check Addition

Unit 5: Adding & Subtracting Large Numbers
Lesson 1 of 16

Objective: SWBAT use rounding to check for reasonableness when adding multi-digit numbers.

Big Idea: Students will practice rounding both addends to find the estimated sum and both the subtrahend and the minuend to find the estimated difference.

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