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This lesson is a follow up to an engineering and design my students participated in that had them creating structures to shade a melting ice cube from the sun.  Many of the students chose black paper for their structures.  I wanted to help them understand that white paper would have been a better choice, but I wanted them to come to this conclusion on their own.  That's why I structured this simple inquiry lesson.

I did not reference the engineering and design lesson at all during this investigation.  I want to see if my students are able to take the information gained as a result of this lesson and us it to revise their sun-shade structures during our next lesson. I want my students to make connections between different scientific concepts and to apply these connections to learning in different areas.  I want them to truly start thinking like a scientist!  It will be fun to see if their revised structures are made from white paper or black.  Click here to check it out.

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Black or White-An Inquiry Activity about Energy Absorption and Reflection

Unit 10: The Sun and Our Solar System
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to describe which color absorbs more light and heat by participating in an investigation.

Big Idea: Black or white? Which color does a better job of keeping an ice cube from melting? The students will find out during this investigation.

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