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There are so many times that I wish I taught every subject so that I could have the time to delve deeper into more of the ethics behind this concept.  This is a great topic to teach as an interdisciplanary unit as it would allow the students more time to prepare and conduct a proper debate.  Additionally, this overlaps with the civil rights movement, the holocaust, the Giver novel, and many more topics covered in other classes along with pop culture movies such as X-Men, GATTACA, and even Star Wars as they use cloned troops to fight their battles.  So many different ways to extend this learning.

  So Many Opportunities For Ethical Discussions
  Intervention and Extension: So Many Opportunities For Ethical Discussions
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Will We Still Be Human?

Unit 7: Factors That Drive Evolution
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Objective: SWBAT create arguments based on evidence as to whether or not their new version of "extreme humans" are a new species.

Big Idea: How much can you alter humans before they are no longer considered humans? Students focus on this question as they practice argumentation supported by evidence.

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Science, Evolution, ecosystem, natural selection (Evolution), argumentation based on evidence , adaptation, natural selection
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