Reflection: Lesson Planning Creating A Model For Seed Dispersal - Section 2: Setting the Scene


Sometimes it is necessary to revise a lesson plan on the go. Originally this lesson was set up  for students to work in partners to create their models. As I was dropping the seeds around the room, I could see that students were excited about the upcoming project. They were ready with their ideas about how they would build a model. I decided on the spot to have them work individually. Each student had an idea about how he/she could build something to spread seeds, the way an animal does. I did not want to stop their creative ideas and so I decided mid-lesson, to let the students work individually. 

It is always important to be ready to adapt a lesson to the needs and excitement of the students in the classroom.

  Revising A Lesson Plan
  Lesson Planning: Revising A Lesson Plan
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Creating A Model For Seed Dispersal

Unit 5: Where Does It Live?
Lesson 7 of 17

Objective: SWBAT design a system to spread seeds around the classroom

Big Idea: Seeds are spread in a variety of ways and a model can help demonstrate that.

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Science, forest, ecosystem, problem solving, models, survival, rainforest, habitats
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