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This is one of my favorite exit ticket strategies. The information on these three posters tells me what the students are getting, where I need to clarify and how it is pushing their thinking. And it couldn't be an easier task to execute. One thing I like to do is to organize the stickies on each poster. I keep the same poster up for all three sections and at the end of the day or during prep the next morning, I give myself time to read and process the comments. I rearrange the notes and then at the start of class I review my highlights with each class and address the queries and ideas they raised. 

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Climate Change Connection Circle

Unit 4: Understanding Our Changing Climate: Impact on Oceans
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT create and communicate a visual model which shows the connections between various climate change variables.

Big Idea: Help your students pull together factors that contribute to climate change and create a visual model used to tell a story.

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Science, Climate Change, acid rain, ocean, Carbon, systems thinking, visual thinking, tides, Sea level rise, map
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