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Sharing Out

Often times, when I ask students to complete a writing assignment, many kids take off and know exactly what to do. Others are a bit stuck and needs some support. To help model expectations and ideas for these students, I ask students to begin sharing their writing throughout the process (even when some student only have a few sentences written). 

Here, Student Sharing, a student shares the first part of his paragraph. In particular, I love how he defines the meaning of vertebrates and includes exact details from our research. 

Another student, Student 2 Sharing, explains, "There are millions of invertebrates, from the earthworm to the star fish." I can tell that this assignment really encourages students to summarize their learning from today! 

  Modeling: Inspiring All Students
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The Animal Kingdom: Invertebrates

Unit 2: Ecosystems
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Objective: SWBAT classify invertebrate animals into phylums according to certain physical similarities.

Big Idea: In this lesson, the class researches invertebrate animal phylums by viewing a Powerpoint Presentation, pictures, and a video of animals in each phylum. Then, students summarize their learning by writing a paragraph about the many types of invertebrates.

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Science, animal (Classification), global warming, abiotic factors, ecosystem, animal kingdom, invertebrates, Classify, written summary, decomposition, biotic
  90 minutes
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