Reflection: Checks for Understanding Using Nets to Find the Surface Area of Prisms - Section 2: Lesson Middle


The independent practice section asks students to draw a net of various prisms.  Some students had a difficult time drawing the precise net.  I think that it is okay for student to draw the separate faces and label the sides without drawing a true net.  In my thinking, the purpose of a net is to help students see the component parts of a prism and what the dimensions of those parts are.  So I accepted drawings that were not actual nets as long as the correct number of component shapes were given with proper dimensions.

  It Does Not Have to Be a Net
  Checks for Understanding: It Does Not Have to Be a Net
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Using Nets to Find the Surface Area of Prisms

Unit 6: Geometry
Lesson 16 of 37

Objective: SWBAT describe and find the surface area of prisms using a net

Big Idea: Students develop an intuitive understanding of how surface area formulas are derived.

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