Reflection: Flexibility Solve Two-Step Equations Using Inverse Operations - Section 1: Introduction


I thought this lesson would be a breeze for my students, so I included examples where the unknown is in parentheses (eg.  3(x-4) = 9 )  After all, my students have been solving two-step equations since their 6th grade year.  Those equations only included positive integers.  Working with the negative added a layer of difficulty that I (once again) underestimated, so placing the unknown as a sum or difference in parentheses added an additional layer of difficulty.  

I ended up scrapping the example and the subsequent problems in this lesson.  This direct instruction lesson was designed to create fluency in solving equations using a procedure.   The equations with the unknown in parentheses would perhaps best be better placed as an isolated lesson, especially when trying to develop fluency.  


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Solve Two-Step Equations Using Inverse Operations

Unit 4: Expressions and Equations
Lesson 14 of 20

Objective: SWBAT solve two-step equations using inverse operations

Big Idea: Some equations can be solved through models or mental math. All equations can be solved by using inverse operations.

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