Reflection: Perseverance Use Addition to Check Subtraction - Section 3: Independent Practice


In this lesson, it is very easy for students to become frustrated with using addition to check their subtraction.  I remind those students to think about our fact families, and the importance of knowing them.  For those problems that students get incorrect, I model how to use my knowledge of fact families, or use manipulatives to make a model of the math problem.

This is a very abstract concept, and many students need multiple strategies (such as drawing, using manipulatives, or acting out) to move from the concrete to this abstract concept.

  Student Independent Work
  Perseverance: Student Independent Work
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Use Addition to Check Subtraction

Unit 1: Single Digit Addition and Subtraction
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT apply the inverse relationship of addition and subtraction.

Big Idea: Undo what can be undone! In this lesson, students will use addition to check subtraction to make sure their answer is correct.

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