Lesson: Before you read, "Schooled"

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Lesson Objective

Students will make personal connects with the character and the text.

Lesson Plan


Before reading the novel "Schooled" have students brainstorm their dreams for life after high school. Give students 5 - 10 minutes form this activity.

Tell students that the character in "Schooled" also has dreams for life after high school.  Read aloud the back of the novel to your students. When you are done have students add a new sections to their brainstorm paper titled, obstacles.  Give them an additional 5-10 minutes to list possible obstacles to their dreams.

Bring students back together by telling them that Lionel is a student with big dreams and many obstacles.  As a class discuss how Lionel might over come his obstacles.  An example of this would be to point out that one obstacle Lionel has is that he does not read well. One possible solution to this obstacle would be for Lionel to ask a teacher for help or take or ask for tutoring for reading.  Once students have a strong grasp of how obstacles can be over come have them label a final section on their brainstorming page.  Their final prompt is to brain storm solutions for their obstacles. (The attached problem solution table may be a good way to organize student information)

On a separate piece of paper have students predict what might happen in the novel based on Lionel's dream and his obstacles.

Lesson Resources

problem solution table


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