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Solving Literal Equations

Big Idea: The process of rewriting equations in equivalent forms is the same whether the equations contain variables, integers, or a mix of both.
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The Design Process

I Have to Teach Engineering??

Big Idea: How can I teach engineering? Take a look at this lesson on the basics of engineering and the design process.
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Farmer John and Farmer Fred Day 1 of 2

Big Idea: Students review the area formula for rectangles as well as become familiar with a model for the distributive property.
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Creating Chronological Foldable

Ready, Set, Go! Chronological and Sequence Text Structure

Big Idea: Writers have a plan of attack in mind when writing nonfiction pieces in time order.
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Writer's Workshop -- introduction and rationale.wmv

Argument Writing (Day 1 of 2)

Big Idea: All of our verbal argument skills in this unit come together in writing arguments today.
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Order Length

Big Idea: The long and the short of it….. In this introductory lesson to ordering lengths, students will be able to compare objects by length using the vocabulary longest and shortest.
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Slowing down with place value

Big Idea: Practicing place value concepts through independent practice.
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Fiction or Nonfiction? That is the Question

Big Idea: What's the difference between literature and informational texts?
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Columbus Sticky Note Paraphrasing

Big Idea: Sticky notes make it possible for students to use CLOSE reading strategies to help summarize information within a nonfiction text.
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Spot on Your Dot

The Back is Where it’s At!

Big Idea: Comparing ourselves to a worm helps students understand what it means to be a vertebrate.
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