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Poppers Lab

Poppers Investigation

4th Grade Science » Unit: Poppers
Big Idea: Students will put their learning about scientific investigations in action as they conduct a poppers lab.
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Guiding Questions for "What is Weather" - 3rd Grade Science Lesson

What is Weather?

3rd Grade Science » Unit: Seasonal Weather
Big Idea: What is weather? How do we measure it, and why?
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Sample Focus Question

Deep Impact

3rd Grade Science » Unit: Energy and Motion
Big Idea: How can you use evidence to describe the relationship between an object's speed and its energy?
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An Alternative Way to Find Slope From a Table

Define and determine slope when given points (Part 2)

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Build a Lightbulb

4th Grade Science » Unit: Electricity
Big Idea: A light bulb transforms electrical energy into heat and light energy. The light bulb was designed to meet human needs.
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Using Fraction Tiles to Find Equivalence

Exploring Equivalence

5th Grade Math » Unit: Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Big Idea: Students have opportunities to connect the different representations, including models, to make sense of equivalent fractions.
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So, This Is Middle School

6th Grade ELA » Unit: Reader's & Writer's Workshop: The Launch
Big Idea: How did you receive your name? Do you have a prized nickname? Students think about how names play into their own identity.
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The Moral (and Literal) Geography of Othello

10th Grade ELA » Unit: Literary: Study of Character Development in Shakespeare's Othello
Big Idea: The contrasting geography of the play is one (of many) keys to understanding Shakespeare's purpose for writing Othello.
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Addition Strategies Review and Fluency

1st Grade Math » Unit: Addition Strategies
Big Idea: My class has been solving addition through several methods. I want them to compile a list of addition strategies and practice towards fluency of fact knowledge.
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Decimal Notation VS. Fractions

4th Grade Math » Unit: Number & Operations-Fractions
Big Idea: In this lesson students will use a variety of skills to determine the underlying connections between fractions and decimals.
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