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The Numbers Game: Playing by the Rules

7th Grade Math » Unit: Integers
Big Idea: Students engage in group activities to write numerical expressions and share their work.
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Adding and Subtracting Polynomials: The Terms Have to Like Each Other

Algebra I » Unit: Operations on Polynomials
Big Idea: Adding and subtracting polynomials is framed as another application of arithmetic with integers rather than another group of isolated and novel concepts!
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Using the Rhetorical Square as Writers

Moving on in Bad Boy

8th Grade ELA » Unit: Bad Boy Part I
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Assimilation--cultural norm or cultural destruction?: Comparing Central Ideas in Two Texts

10th Grade ELA » Unit: Identity and Culture: Identifying the Central Idea and Evaluating Evidence in Informational Texts
Big Idea: Speak up or speak what--the language we speak defines our culture.
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Perfect 10's

1st Grade Math » Unit: Building Counting Skills
Big Idea: Perfect 10! I want my students to identify the relationship between ones and sets of ten. They need to identify that 10 is a set of 10 ones.
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Fun with Four: Decomposing to Known Factors of 1, 2, and 5

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Multiplication
Big Idea: Students act as problem solvers to take an unknown fact and solve it by breaking it down into pieces that are known.
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But ... are they really that different?

1st Grade ELA » Unit: Key Ideas and Details in Literature
Big Idea: Students cannot compare and contrast adventures and experiences in stories or explain differences between books without first understanding how to compare.
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Homophones and Homonyms: Creating a List to Focus Our Attention

4th Grade ELA » Unit: Letter Writing, Dictionary Skills, and Language Study
Big Idea: Students will choose the correct word in writing because they identify the difference in spelling.
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Compare and Contrast

While this lesson seemed simple on the surface, I designed it to be an important opportunity to practice critical thinking and collaboration, two important CCSS areas.  The idea was to both recall characteristics of the individual fish and compare these and apply them to combinations of two and three fish.  The before and after contributions to the Venn diagram acted to extend the knowledge of the class.  When I have some extra time, I’d like to give this lesson an art extension by creating a variety of cut outs of these fish and add them to the chart.  This would give the students another reason to refer back to the chart to learn- and relearn- the facts we shared.  My plan for the next few weeks is to apply the skills that they practiced with this lesson to other animals that we see in other resources like books.  For example, a future lesson plan is about Kevin Henkes book, Old Bear.  While the book’s theme is about the changes in seasons, it refers to the “fish in the water”.  I’d like to see them connect any reference to fish to the ones we studied so the learning becomes more concrete.  As we considered the fish both independently and collectively, we gained valuable perspective and ability to apply it to things around us. 

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Fintastic Friends- We're In This Together!

Kindergarten Science » Unit: Spy Swimmy
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Pollution Sensitive Macroinvertebrates

4th Grade Science » Unit: Macroinvertebrates
Big Idea: Many macroinvertebrates can only live in cool, clean water. This makes them a bioindicator species that tell us important information on water quality.
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