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Let’s Bury Those “Dead Words”

Big Idea: Word choice improvement.
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Converting Fractions

Big Idea: Why do students need to know long division?
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Warm Up- Real Number System

The Real Number System

Big Idea: This lesson relates the real number system to its historical perspective.
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video of students conducting ramp experiment

Experiment: Does the height of a ramp affect the distance a toy car travels?

Big Idea: Students test their hypothesis to find out if increasing the height of a ramp will cause a toy car to travel farther.
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TED Talk on The Power of Fiction to Combat Identity Politics

Big Idea: The power of multimedia can provide the image and audio inspiration to jump start a lengthy writing assignment.
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Story Problems: Act It Out

Big Idea: This lesson helps kinders bridge the gap between understanding addition and subtraction and how these concepts are used in real life situations.
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Rounding 63.MOV

Introduction to Rounding

Big Idea: Being able to understand and explain numbers will help students make sense of multi-digit computation and problem solving.
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M is for macaroni!

Big Idea: The letter M helps us to read and write.
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Extra! Extra! Learn All About Me! Establishing Norms for Speaking and Listening in Class

Big Idea: Students will understand the importance of communicating clearly in order to share thoughts and ideas effectively.
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Thinking and Acting Like a Scientist

Big Idea: What's in the blue box? Through discovery students explore aspects of what a scientist does and are introduced to vocabulary of scientific inquiry.
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