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What Made the Giraffe Decide to be Tall?

3rd Grade Science » Unit: Amazing Animals - Surviving a Changing Environment
Big Idea: Sometimes, the same species traits that provide an animal with some advantages in its environment can simultaneously put the animal at a disadvantage.
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Finding the Greatest Common Factor

6th Grade Math » Unit: Number Sense
Big Idea: In this lesson students can use different strategies to find the GCF of numbers less than 100.
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What Does the Walrus Do When the Ice Is Gone?

3rd Grade Science » Unit: Amazing Animals - Surviving a Changing Environment
Big Idea: Sometimes animals respond to a changing environment with a behavior that doesn't help them.
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Introductory Website Videos

Second Day of School

8th Grade Math » Unit: First Days of School
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Counting the Change: Linear, quadratic, or exponential? (Day 1 of 2)

12th Grade Math » Unit: Exponential Functions and Equations
Big Idea: Students explore rates of change to identify function types and find patterns that help them to identify and define exponential functions.
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"The Highwayman" Close Read Day 1

8th Grade ELA » Unit: Poetry
Big Idea: Putting Previous Efforts Into Practice
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Finding Evidence to support analysis of the short story "Sucker"

9th Grade ELA » Unit: Short Fiction: Back to Basics
Big Idea: Reading and analyzing "Sucker," a story of broken friendships.
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Time to the Nearest Five Minutes

2nd Grade Math » Unit: Talking About Time!
Big Idea: Student will be able to tell and write time to the nearest five minutes, and use common time phrases.
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Stories in Stone (w/ pauses)

Stories in Stone (Rounding to the Tens Place)

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Rounding
Big Idea: Place value is the bedrock that everything is built on!
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Who Left Their Fossils Deep in the Earth?

2nd Grade ELA » Unit: Dinosaurs
Big Idea: Fossils tell the story of those "terrible lizards" we call dinosaurs.
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