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Sandbag Weights

Parking Garage

5th Grade Math » Unit: Test Prep
Big Idea: Determine which plan is the best one for the parking garage.
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Looking for Volunteers

More Modeling with Periodic Functions

Algebra II » Unit: Trigonometric Functions
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The QAR Framework.mp4

"Zebra"Socratic Circle and QAR Questions

7th Grade ELA » Unit: Analyzing Literature in Socratic Circles with Chaim Potuk’s “Zebra”
Big Idea: Students pose questions , acknowledge alternate views, and follow rules for collegial discussions through a fishbowl Socratic seminar.
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Puritan Values Pulse Checker Reflection

The Power of Rhetoric (Day 1 of 3)

11th Grade ELA » Unit: A Revolutionary Introduction to Argumentation & Rhetoric
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Chicka Chicka Shape Glyph

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Oh, Those Shapes!
Big Idea: This is one of my favorite Open House activities. We use our shapes to create "mystery" glyphs that are hung in the hallway. Families use the legend to guess their child's glyph!
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Compare Parts of a Whole

4th Grade Math » Unit: Number & Operations-Fractions
Big Idea: Given a set of fractions students will be able to compare unit fraction by using models to determine that the more equal parts there are in the whole, the smaller each part will be.
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Shake It In Shades Game

Kindergarten ELA » Unit: Language Skills Practice
Big Idea: Make every moment count! Utilize a brain break to learn shades of meaning at the same time!
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Classroom Video: High Expectations

Who Are We? Where Did We Come From?

4th grade ELA » Unit: Mammoth Bones and Broken Stones: The Mystery of North America's First People
Big Idea: Studying the ancient people who settled our continent will provide the foundation for understanding the development of our nation.
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Teacher Tools and Systems

Environment of Learning - Smelling jars

To make sure the smelling jars are fresh prepare the jars on the same day that you intend to implement the lesson. I add a little water to the peppermints to help release the scent. 

Another tip I would like to offer is to buy a smelly type of fish. Some fish can be more mild so prefer to buy a cheap fish head. You can use canned tuna or salmon if you would like a cheaper type of fish to buy. They both have a nice strong smell that children may easily recognize.

Storing the jars at room temperature helps the smells get more pungent.

Remind the students to either close or cover their eyes because when one sense is taken away the others tend to engage and make up for the lack of the other. I used to have the students wear a blindfold but I stopped this for two reasons. Applying the blindfold takes up time and can transfer germs.


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Smell This

Kindergarten Science » Unit: Me, Myself and I
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Supporting Claims with Evidence Rubric

Deep Impact

3rd Grade Science » Unit: Energy and Motion
Big Idea: How can you use evidence to describe the relationship between an object's speed and its energy?
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