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Design Your Own Experiment (Day 2)

7th Grade Science » Unit: Introduction to 7th Grade Science
Big Idea: Students need opportunities to explore science and develop their own experiments.
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Absolute Value, Taking a Deeper Look!

7th Grade Math » Unit: Integers
Big Idea: "The distance a number is away from zero on a number line." What does this really mean? Taking a deeper look into absolute value.
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Function Notation

12th Grade Math » Unit: Functions and Piecewise Functions
Big Idea: Through exploration students will understand that the operations of real numbers does not work with function notation.
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The Charge of the Light Brigade: Waterfall Readings

8th Grade ELA » Unit: Narrative Poetry
Big Idea: Multiple readings bring a greater appreciation for the intricacies of rhyme and meter.
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Close Reading: James Baldwin Talks to Teachers Day 2

11th Grade ELA » Unit: Thematic Unit: Education
Big Idea: Close reading sometimes means analyzing a text one paragraph at a time.
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A Teacher Needs to Know

Math'n it up!

2nd Grade Math » Unit: Working With Numbers!
Big Idea: Given a two-step word problem students will be ask to solve, and create their own math model of the given problem.
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RTI : Using the Lead Number to Estimate Addition and Subtraction

4th Grade Math » Unit: Place Value and Multi-Digit Addition & Subtraction
Big Idea: Students use the concept of a train to understand the lead number and how to estimate using a standard multi-digit algorithm.
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Wilbur: To Be Smoked Ham or Not?

2nd Grade ELA » Unit: Charlotte's Web: A Chapter Book Study
Big Idea: Keep Wilbur alive or turn him into smoked ham? This is the predicament Wilbur faces. I wonder what reasons the students will give to support their point of view?
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Finding the Main Idea Again

3rd Grade ELA » Unit: Skill and Strategy Practice with Non-fiction Texts
Big Idea: When things just don't quite go right, try again with a lesson that provides lots of support for students' success!
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Thank goodness for conferencing!

What makes a good conference?

Conferring or conferencing is a great formative assessment tool.  A good conference always begins with research.  During this part of the conference I listen to student conversations, observe student work or ask questions.  I ask my students Tell me about your work or What are you finding? During this time I record student successes and I research a possible teaching point.  After a minute or so I move into the second part of a good conference.  This next step is the compliment.  I make sure my compliments are sincere and honest.  Sometimes it may be a way to praise a partnership for working well together.  Next, I move into the teaching point and then work to provide clarification through questioning, modeling and re-teaching.  I may encourage my students to use the new vocabulary or  to think deeper about our research questions. I record my observations on science recording sheet and use this data to drive my teaching.

During my conferences in this lesson, I discovered some interesting misconceptions. Please check out my reflection video called Student Misconceptions!

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

1st Grade Science » Unit: Unit 2: Light Waves
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