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Narrative Graphic Organizer

Parts of a Narrative and Some SpongeBob

Big Idea: By watching a SpongeBob episode, students will identify aspects of a narrative on a graphic organizer, then use the same organizer for their own narratives.
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Working in a Chemistry Lab

Big Idea: Lab safety and identification of lab equipment are crucial for success in chemistry class.
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First Week of School, Day 4

Big Idea: Students will role play with the teacher to reinforce classroom procedures.
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Defining Reflections

Big Idea: Mirror, mirror, on the wall...what defines reflections all? In this lesson, we'll formalize the definition of reflection in the coordinate plane.
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First Impressions: Meeting Students the First Day

Big Idea: Students develop community that improves learning when they feel valued by their teachers.
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Measuring in Inches and Centimeters

Equal Amounts

Big Idea: Students are expected to grasp that measuring the same object with different units can yield a different number, but represent the same quantity.
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What's in the Set?

Big Idea: A fraction is made of parts of a whole, or set, and are found all around me.
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Classroom Video: Routines and Procedures

Focus on Research

Big Idea: Text features have an important role in locating text evidence for research. Students will apply knowledge of the purpose of text features to find and organize key information.
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It's All in the Details

Big Idea: Students add details to their draft to make it more interesting to the reader.
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Creating Patterns

Big Idea: This lesson addresses the essential question how can we organize materials to help us make sense of what we observe?
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