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read the scenario and answer using a sentence stem

Climate Research - Independent

3rd Grade Science » Unit: Climate
Big Idea: Weather patterns around the world can be predicted based on long term observations of a particular climate.
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Climate Research (Guided) - Tundra

3rd Grade Science » Unit: Climate
Big Idea: Patterns of change can be used to make predictions.
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creation of number line video.mp4

Adding Integers by Walking it Out

7th Grade Math » Unit: Integers
Big Idea: Develop students' number sense by physically modeling the process of adding and subtracting integers on a number line..
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Climate Is What You Expect - Close Reading

3rd Grade Science » Unit: Climate
Big Idea: Climate is the pattern of weather over a long period of time in a given region.
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6th Grade Math » Unit: Fraction Operations
Big Idea: What do students already know about fractions? What gaps do students have in their understanding? Students take the fractions pretest in order to inform instruction.
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Dividing Radicals Made Easy Through the History of Rationalizing

Algebra I » Unit: Radical Expressions, Equations, and Rational Exponents
Big Idea: The main idea of this lesson is that students compare dividing radicals by hand without rationalizing and realize why rationalizing came about and how it works.
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This is a challenging read for students. The first time I read the poem, they didn't really understand what was going on. It wasn't until I began actually drawing a sketch of each stanza and, as students responded to questions, we moved the poem’s speaker along his path that they began to understand the action of the poem and what the speaker was thinking. Once they understood, it was like a light came on and they got it! I definitely recommend doing drawings—I'm not an artist at all, and my pictures were hastily drawn while students were responding to questions, but this really helped them organize their thinking. 

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Why was "The Road Not Taken"?

5th Grade ELA » Unit: Literary Analysis: Reading for Meaning, Evidence, and Purpose
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Analyzing Character and Point of View in Chapter 3

9th Grade ELA » Unit: Great Expectations Ch. 1-6: Foundation
Big Idea: A double-entry journal helps students better understand plot and characterization.
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What did they walk away with?

The Domino Effect

Kindergarten Math » Unit: It All Adds Up!
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area model double digit.mp4

Two-Digit by Two-Digit Multiplication

4th Grade Math » Unit: Multiplication with Whole Numbers
Big Idea: Students will work towards mastery of multiplication by two-digit numbers.
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