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Examining Exponents

5th Grade Math » Unit: Test Prep
Big Idea: Learn how place value patterns help you multiply & divide by powers of ten.
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Cycle of a Germinating Seed

3rd Grade Science » Unit: Structures of Life: Seeds
Big Idea: Communicating information to others is one of the requirements of scientists. This lesson allows students to organize, create, and share what they have learned thus far.
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Turtle & Snail Part I : An Introduction to "Rule of Five'

8th Grade Math » Unit: The Fabulous World of Functions
Big Idea: This lesson helps students see relationships between the algebraic representations of a function. The context of the story helps to ground student understanding.
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Simplifying Rational Expressions Day 1

Algebra II » Unit: Rational Functions
Big Idea: Polynomials are like the integers; rational expressions are like rational numbers. Multiplication of fractions makes multiplying rational expressions easy to understand.
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Let's Play Charades! Applying Inference Skills Through Visual Clues

5th Grade ELA » Unit: Literary Analysis: Reading for Meaning, Evidence, and Purpose
Big Idea: We can use clues in what we see around us to infer unknown meanings of events.
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The Power of Rhetoric (Day 2 of 3)

11th Grade ELA » Unit: A Revolutionary Introduction to Argumentation & Rhetoric
Big Idea: @PatrickHenry If your life depended on giving a speech that successfully reversed public opinion, wouldn't you at least write it out? #crazy
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Addition Strategies

1st Grade Math » Unit: Single Digit Addition and Subtraction
Big Idea: Let’s put it all together! In this lesson students will use addition strategies to solve word problems.
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Comparing Fractions

4th Grade Math » Unit: Fractions
Big Idea: Using benchmark fractions and drawing visual models are two strategies to compare fractions.
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Miss Nelson is Missing-Key Details

1st Grade ELA » Unit: Miss Nelson
Big Idea: Where did Miss Nelson go? We look at the key details in the text to determine what is happening throughout the story.
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Shakespeare's Secret: Assessment

4th Grade ELA » Unit: Mystery Mayhem
Big Idea: Assessment Day! We now get to see what knowledge the students were able to glean from the novel.
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