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Exploring Cube Designs.MOV

3D Figures and Nets

6th Grade Math » Unit: Geometry
Big Idea: Students explore cube nets in an effort to understand what properties are common to all nets that form a cube. Students work hands-on with nets and are then pushed to use their experience to visually determine whether other nets will form a given figures.
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Chillin' with Colored Paper

4th Grade Science » Unit: Energy
Big Idea: In this lesson, students work with ice cubes and different colored paper to develop observations in order to prove energy can be transferred from the paper to the ice cube.
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Part to Total Ratios Using Tape Diagrams and Tables

6th Grade Math » Unit: Rates and Ratios
Big Idea: Tape diagrams and double number line diagrams can show ratio relationships and be used to reason about solutions to problems.
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Live Classroom Video Footage - High Fives

Exam Preparation 6 - The Last Day!

12th Grade Math » Unit: The Final Stretch - Preparing for the AP Exam
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Classroom Video: Connection to Prior Knowledge

Cities in Mesopotamia: Understanding a Complex Text

6th Grade ELA » Unit: The ELA and Social Studies Connection: Content-Area Literacy
Big Idea: Engage students by having them create and interpret a map of an ancient Mesopotamian city after reading a nonfiction article and viewing a video clip.
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Reclaiming Our Home Place writing

The first example of student writing is a list of evidence with no connect to an inference about the text. As I reviewed the assignment, I may be partially to blame. When I composed the prompt, I wanted to make it as easy as possible to locate textual evidence.  However I did not ask a clear question. So I am unsure if I received a list of evidence without a claim due to the question or because the student were so concerned about finding evidence they did not consider their on position.

The second example demonstrates the same issues however, the student did not understand that she needed to write it as an essay and wrote it as three separate questions. The good news is, both students use the textual evidence I wanted them to cite. 

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Connecting with our Ancestors Through Reading and Writing

10th Grade ELA » Unit: Identity and Culture: Identifying the Central Idea and Evaluating Evidence in Informational Texts
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Frogs on the Number Line Pond

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Addition on the Number Line
Big Idea: This lesson bridges addition with manipulatives and number line addition, so students combine what they know with a new tool for addition.
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What is a Math Journal?

What Is Math Anyway

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Developing Mathematical Practices
Big Idea: It is important to go slow to go fast. Students are successful when they have a clear understanding of expectations. At the start of the school year the rules and rituals for the Math Workshop are established through modeling and practice.
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video of our step 1 Morning Message model

Modify Morning Message for More Meaning!

Kindergarten ELA » Unit: Language Skills Practice
Big Idea: Try to trick them and they will find every mistake you make! Being wrong has never been more of a teachable moment!
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Questioning: I wonder...

3rd Grade ELA » Unit: Questioning Unit
Big Idea: Introducing the concept of Questioning
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