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Decimal Operations

5th Grade Math » Unit: Operations with Decimals and Whole Numbers
Big Idea: Keeping track of math operation rules can be as easy as using a piece of paper.
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conductors and insulators demo.mp4

Conductors and Insulators

4th Grade Science » Unit: Electricity
Big Idea: Some objects are conductors of electrical current and other objects do not allow the flow of electrical current.
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Writing the Rules Part 2

7th Grade Math » Unit: Order of operations & Number properties
Big Idea: Students are beginning to engage in academic conversations about math and reinforcing PEMDAS
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Algebra and Angle Pairs

Geometry » Unit: Tools of Geometry
Big Idea: More basics of Geometry: Drawing diagrams, identifying and naming angles and angle pairs, and solving algebraic problems involving angle pairs. And an answer to that eternal question - why can't we just measure instead of doing constructions?
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Work samples of brochures

How to Research Information with Primary and Secondary Sources on America

8th Grade ELA » Unit: Interdisciplinary Unit: Building ELA Skills Through Historical Documents
Big Idea: Settlers vs. Indians: Gathering and Citing Evidence on Who Owned the Land In America
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Before or After

2nd Grade Math » Unit: Each Number Has a Place
Big Idea: The big idea of this lesson is number pattern recognition and the use of positional words "before" and "after" to describe the location of a number, in relation to other numbers.
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Take your number...

Understanding the Why of Rounding

4th Grade Math » Unit: Place Value
Big Idea: Students round numbers by drawing a numberline, finding benchmarks and midpoint to help them show they understand how to round using place value.
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Point to Main Idea/Point of View in Literature

2nd Grade ELA » Unit: Summarizing: Use Main Idea and Supporting Details
Big Idea: What's the main idea and how do we show point of view?
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Would You Rather Smartboard

The Man Who Walked Between the Towers

4th grade ELA » Unit: September 11th - We Can't Forget - They Don't Remember
Big Idea: In order to understand the events of September 11, students must have an understanding and appreciation of the Twin Towers.
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