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What's With That Crazy Nye Guy? Weathering One More Time! Day 1

4th Grade Science » Unit: Weathering
Big Idea: Students grappling with understanding effects of weathering on the Earth's surface benefit from this video as they jigsaw their new information to prepare for a group presentation.
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Investigation Chart

Evidence or Inference?

4th Grade Science » Unit: Thinking, Writing, and Observing Like a Scientist
Big Idea: Students choose between three different experiments to help them understand the difference between scientific evidence and inference.
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Classroom Video: Integration of Math Real World Application

What Happened to My Soap ?

4th Grade Science » Unit: Weathering
Big Idea: Using a bar of soap, students discover the meaning of erosion.
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Write It Wednesday-Equations

7th Grade Math » Unit: Equations and Inequalities
Big Idea: Can students represent a problem using an equation and solve it?
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Poppers Lab

Poppers Investigation

4th Grade Science » Unit: Poppers
Big Idea: Students will put their learning about scientific investigations in action as they conduct a poppers lab.
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Simplifying Expressions Day One

7th Grade Math » Unit: Expressions and Equations
Big Idea: : Students will need a strong background in distributive property when simplifying expressions. This is a great lesson to fill in gaps with students who may lack understanding with distributive property.
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Poetry Analysis

7th Grade ELA » Unit: Poetry
Big Idea: Analyze poems and identify themes.
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Just Walk On By

11th Grade ELA » Unit: Exploring Identity
Big Idea: Annotating to deconstruct an argument is a skill that needs to be practiced.
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Line Up

Line Up! - Ordering Numbers 0-10

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Working With Numbers 0-10
Big Idea: Most students can count 0 - 10, but can they arrange the numbers when they are in random order? This is an important skill for comparing numbers.
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Place Value Introduction

4th Grade Math » Unit: Place Value
Big Idea: Being able to understand and explain numbers will help students make sense of multi-digit computation and problem solving.
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