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Design Your Own Experiment (Day 2)

7th Grade Science » Unit: Introduction to 7th Grade Science
Big Idea: Students need opportunities to explore science and develop their own experiments.
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Measuring Skills: Length

6th Grade Science » Unit: Introduction to Science
Big Idea: Measuring is a necessary skill and it is important that scientists around the world accurately use the same measurement system.
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Thinking More about Question 1

Conditional Probability

8th Grade Math » Unit: Probability
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Sunken Treasure Game

Geometric and Arithmetic Sequences and Series Review

Algebra II » Unit: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
Big Idea: Represent arithmetic and geometric sequences/series with various models (MP#4) using a cooperative learning review activity (MP#3).
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"Zebra"Socratic Circle and QAR Questions

7th Grade ELA » Unit: Analyzing Literature in Socratic Circles with Chaim Potuk’s “Zebra”
Big Idea: Students pose questions , acknowledge alternate views, and follow rules for collegial discussions through a fishbowl Socratic seminar.
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Why Read Fences.mp4

Who is August Wilson? Using THIEVES to Pre-Read an Obituary Informational Text

9th Grade ELA » Unit: Fences: Character and Theme Analysis in Drama
Big Idea: Do you want to know more about August Wilson? You must be willing to become THIEVES!
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Sort by Attribute

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Sorting, Sorting, and More Sorting!
Big Idea: Classifying objects and counting the number of objects in a category helps build a foundation for data collection in future grades.
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Multiplication and Problem Solving to Make Bracelets Day 2

4th Grade Math » Unit: Multiplication with Whole Numbers
Big Idea: Students create a bracelet after they've planned their design using multiplication skills and strategies.
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Environment of Learning

Domestic vs. Wild

Kindergarten ELA » Unit: Forest Unit
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Magic Tree House Ancient Greece Dynamic Duo: Day 1 Let the Pair Begin!

3rd Grade ELA » Unit: Ancient Greece, Dragons, Gods, and Giants!
Big Idea: Students pair informational and fiction texts while reading and writing about ancient Greece
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